Hi. I'm Kara.


Originally, I am from Fort Worth, Texas and spent most of my life inspired by nature, the arts, and traveling. As soon as I could, I left my hometown when I was 18 and I have been a wayward woman traveling the world and studying all forms of writing, arts, and science. I studied fungal biology, photography, and creative writing at the University of Arkansas where my love for yoga also began over ten years ago.

I experienced immediate relief from stress, physical and emotional pain. The practice was at first a hobby that would come and go, until after graduation when I moved to Seward, Alaska. I was struggling with severe depression and anxiety along with a series of unfortunate events that left me in a dark place. I committed myself to a daily practice and my entire life changed in the best way possible. Yoga brought me home to my true self. I fell deeply in love with the practice and I saw how it improved my life on and off the mat into the world around me. Yoga saved my life and it made me a better woman. I have spent the last three years dedicated to my home yoga practice, self-healing, and expanding my knowledge of yoga to share with others.

In the Spring of 2017, I completed my intensive 500 RYT teacher training with Zuna Yoga in Bali, Indonesia (zunayoga.com) under the supervision of masterful instructors. I teach the method that yoga is about so much more than the physical asana postures, but also integrative breathing, pranayama, and meditation techniques. I have spent the last year teaching internationally at Fiji Beachouse on the island of Viti Levu to backpackers from all around the world. 

My focus is to make yoga accessible to every person and adapt classes around each students individual needs. It is my passion to show how yoga is deeply healing and transformational.

I teach primarily Hatha yoga, restorative, yin, guided meditations, and yoga nidra as well as private sessions. My classes and retreats are heavily inspired by the power of breath and our connection with the natural world.

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