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Private yoga sessions tailored specific to improving your mental and physical wellness.


I offer a sliding scale payment for online and in person private yoga sessions.

  • You get a therapeutic class that is specially designed to meet YOUR needs. You will be given appropriate modifications, sequences and poses to help bring your body into a state of optimal health and balance.
  • Whatever kind of physical, spiritual or emotional practice you need to come into better balance, you will receive.
  • Cultivate mental health tools to ease symptoms of depression, anxiety, trauma response, and mood.
  • You will receive a safe, effective and enjoyable home practice sequence to do between our sessions.

You pay anywhere from $25 to $125.

Join me for an online or in person private yoga session

Work with me to target a specific need and receive individual focus to relieve physical, mental, & emotional pain. 

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced practitioner we will work together to relieve suffering.

Build resiliency, confidence, and learn how to use yoga & meditation as a tool to live your best life!

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Free 30 Minute Private Consultations

Connect with me to learn how to start or sustain a yoga practice. Find relief & ease from anxiety and begin to overcome deep rooted trauma.

This is an excellent way to discover your best options for starting or sustaining a yoga practice suited best for you and your mental health needs.

Every private yoga session includes a free 30 minute consultation prior to session.


Sliding Scale Price

$25 - $125 per hour

Online & in person at my private yoga studio Seward Alaska Yoga

Connect with me for a private session

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"Kara's classes are a treat for mind and body!

Kara takes a uniquely Alaskan approach to the practice of yoga, incorporating the challenges and opportunities of living in the 49th state into the design of her postures and meditations.  She invites you to dive deeper into a better understanding of the changing seasons within and all around us.

As a physician, I see the toll that emotional stress and trauma takes on the body and the immune system.  Kara works with her students to recognize, integrate and heal the mind-body connection that is so important for overall health and well-being.

I recommend her online studio and in person classes and retreats to anyone looking to heal, rejuvenate and restore."


Physician in Anchorage, AK

Kara is a wonderful yoga teacher. I thoroughly enjoyed our sessions together where she literally taught me how to breath. I learned so much and as a bonus, I got stronger and more flexible.

I also learned you don’t have to be a human rubber band to enjoy yoga. Kara has the skills and compassion that makes for a great teacher and her passion for yoga is contagious!

- Stacey 

Business Owner in Seward, AK