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The Seward Yoga Space.

Kara Troglin Yoga and Temple Studios are partnering together to build a state-of-the-art facility to host the Seward Yoga Space. We intend to develop The Seward Yoga Space into an arts and wellness center serving the community of Seward and the rest of Alaska. Throughout this next year, we will be remodeling a section of the building to offer not only yoga classes, but also dance and pilates. We will also be offering Head Start, and other music and art programs, and opening up the opportunity for others to rent the large, sophisticated banquet room for local events. This summer, we will host the building's grand opening as The Seward Yoga Space, opening our doors for you to become a member of the private group. As of now, this is the only public project we are doing until we complete the renovations and officially open the rest of the building in Spring 2019. Our yoga classes are just the beginning of our big plans as we work to better serve our community... watch this space!


The Seward Yoga Space


What You Need To Know


Call or book online to reserve your place in an upcoming class today. (We are not currently accepting walk-ins.)

  • For phone bookings: Call Kara @ (817) 944-2589.

  • For online bookings: Start here. 


  • Members have exclusive access to all classes, workshops, and events. You may view the class schedule and conveniently book online. You must sign up for a membership in order to attend any class at The Seward Yoga Space.
  • We currently offer two convenient and affordable membership options. 
  • $25/year for Membership or $10/month for Temporary Traveling Yogi Membership (expires 31 days after purchase).
  • Purchase your membership here.
  • We encourage non-members to schedule a free yoga consultation with one of our expert yoga instructors. This is a free, no-obligation, 30-minute comprehensive consultation. During this time, we will answer all your questions, address any concerns, introduce you to our space, and help walk you through the membership registration process.  


Weekly Yoga Practices

Donation based* for members only

REGULARLY SCHEDULED CLASSEs, practiced every week

*Donation-Based classes are no cost to reserve your spot and you may sign up free of charge. We do recommend a $10 donation cash or check. You may sign up for all Donation-Based classes over the phone or through our convenient online booking system.


Restorative Yoga

  • Weekly Class | Donation-Based

Gentle Yin Yoga

  • Weekly Class | Donation-Based

Hatha Yoga Flow

  • Weekly Class | Donation-Based


  • Weekly Class | Donation-Based 


  • Weekly Class | Donation-Based


  • Weekly Class | Donation-Based

Gentle Yoga for All

  • Weekly Class | Donation-Based



Specialty Yoga Practices

$15-$30/class* for members only


*Each of our specialty classes and workshops will charge anywhere from $10 - $30 per person. You may reserve your spot over the phone or through our convenient online booking system


Specialty Classes

  • *The exact date of each month that specialty classes will be held may fluctuate according to the lunar calendar.

KUNDALINI NIGHTS with kelly ann

  • Once a month, on the night of the full moon 

  • $20/person


  • Once a month, on the night of the new moon

  • $20/person


Flower Meditation & Mandala Workshop

  • $25/person

Shamanic journey WORKSHOP

  • $30/person

Pranayama Workshop

  • $15/person


  • $20/person



  • $15/person


  • $20/person



Our World-Class Instructors


Kara Troglin

Kara Troglin's focus is to make yoga accessible to every person and adapt classes around each students individual needs. It is her passion to show how yoga is deeply healing and transformational. She teaches primarily Hatha yoga, restorative, yin, guided meditations, and yoga nidra as well as private sessions. Her classes and retreats are heavily inspired by the power of breath and our connection with the natural world.


KellyAnn Cope

KellyAnn Cope will be teaching Kundalini specialty classes and hosting a variety of unique workshops.  She has over 500 hours worth of training and she is passionate about sharing with her students. Her teaching is alignment-based and breath-centered with an emphasis on ritual and reverence. She teaches that yoga is for anyone anywhere, by self-empowering people to create space for themselves both on and off the mat.


Samantha Arianne

Samantha Arianne will be teaching 7pm Foundations for Beginners on Wednesday evenings and co-hosting the Ayurvedic Talks. She has recently finished her 300 hour training in Baja and just finished facilitating a month-long remote yoga training in Mexico. She has a strong passion for Ayurvedic cooking, mentoring, and the power of self-healing.