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I invite you to experience the true bliss Seward, Alaska has to offer through nature, yoga, & mindfulness. 


Are you visiting Seward, Alaska? Have you always wanted to try yoga on the beach, take a guided mindfulness hiking trip, or practice one on one with a trained teacher?

Whether you are a year round local or stopping in for a few days I would LOVE to offer my expertise so you can feel your happiest & healthiest self.

It is my biggest passion to share my favorite place and practice in the world with you! 


Visit Seward Alaska Yoga

Join me at my new private yoga studio space located on 4th Avenue in downtown Seward inside of the Emerald Building.

I host private sessions & small group classes up to three people. I meet individually with students seeking relief from physical, mental, & emotional pain. It is a great way to work with an experienced teacher and address specific issues related to your overall health. 

I also carry my offers into the outdoors and consider nature my yoga studio too!

I wholeheartedly believe nature is healing medicine and it's important to connect to our earthly roots. There is no better place to experience our connection to Mother Earth than right here in Seward, Alaska.

I host outdoor yoga sessions, guided mindfulness hikes, yoga on the beach, and wellness retreats. This is a great way to enhance your vacation and time traveling in Alaska!

You can book an adventure with me as a group or a private session - inside or outside! 

At this time, I have limited availability for in person yoga sessions.


Contact me directly by email at [email protected] to book a private session.