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Tap Into Your Inner Wisdom, Confidence, And Strength


Now more than ever before, it's important to care for your physical, mental, & emotional body. Yoga is the doorway into living your happiest and healthiest life. Why? Because it looks at the whole individual and allows you to fully come home to yourself. This is why I built Thrive for you. It is an online community that supports, nourishes, & inspires you to move with freedom.

Yoga That Accepts You As You Are And Nourishes Your Mental Health

It is my passion to watch students become empowered with confidence and live the life they've always wanted. When you start to look after yourself, everything else falls into place. Thrive can help you get stronger, laugh more, and stress less. What I offer allows you the opportunity to start where you are, slow down, and take a moment for yourself.

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Offer Your Nervous System, Body, & Brain Kind Attention

Do you suffer with morning stiffness, racing thoughts, or your body is chronically tight? 

Do you want to go from living an ordinary life to feeling empowered, confident, & strong as you age?

Are you new to yoga & want to make sure you're doing it right? Or maybe you don't feel comfortable in a yoga studio & prefer to be at home.

Thrive is more than just learning fancy yoga poses!

It's about showing up for yourself, just as you are, to become more vibrant & happy!

You will practice alongside me & a wellness community to learn the mindful, somatic experience of daily life.

Learn how breath impacts your body, how to meditate even if you can't sit still, and suitable movements for your specific body type.

Is the Thrive Membership Right for You?


  • You are ready to make a change.

  • You are seeking stress relief, emotional balance, and improved quality of life.

  • Super brand new to yoga and don't know where or how to start.

  • Need accountability & a consistent wellness routine.

  • You want to learn more about the science, neurobiology, and psychology of yoga & meditation.

  • You enjoy practicing in the comfort of your home. 

  • You want trauma informed, mental health aware, and therapeutic practices.

  • Craving rest, relaxation, and gentle yoga.

  • Connect with a community of people all around the world who have a genuine interest in improving their lives.

Live Classes & Recordings Taught in Alaskan Nature

It's no secret that I love all things Alaska. As a local resident of Seward I often film my sessions outside on the beach of Resurrection Bay, in the spruce tip forest, or next to a giant glacier or ice field.

It's one of the many perks of living in Alaska. This is one of the most unique backdrop settings you can have on the virtual world these days.

My classes aren't only taught in a yoga studio, but in a pristine outdoor location where I live surrounded by mountains.

It's common for students tuning in from around the world to see an eagle fly by, hear the ocean waves, & feel as if they are practicing right beside me.

I am so honored & grateful to bring this Alaskan paradise to you alongside yoga & meditation.

I can even help you plan your next getaway here!

Become a Founding Member of Thrive for ONLY $27 Per Month!

The doors to the Thrive Membership only open a few times a year.

Become a founding member for the super affordable price of $27 per month as long as you stay a member!

Make sure to join before the doors close on Monday, May 24th at 11:59pm AKDT.

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I'm Kara. It's great to meet you!


As an experienced yoga teacher & mental health advocate, I'm super passionate about providing yoga that is gentle, therapeutic, & loving.

For many years I lived with crippling anxiety & depression, but once I stepped fully into my truth I realized I had been missing the most important part of life - the present moment.

It is through this incredible practice I discovered how to tap into my greatest strengths with resiliency & gentle compassion. 

My teachings are trauma informed, inclusive, mental health aware, and aim to alleviate suffering in both the physical & mental body.

I help you go from where you are now to where you want to be in the world.

It starts with you showing up,

exactly as you are.

When you implement the practice with consistency, you get results. It's really that simple.


What students are saying:


"The first time I ever took a yoga class was before the pandemic. I was the only obese person in the room and felt like I really stood out. I could barely do any of the poses, and I was pouring out sweat and I felt very gross amongst so many graceful people.

Then I came across Kara's classes. She told me and her students there is no wrong way to do yoga, that everyone is practicing what works for them personally. Yoga is an individual journey of self care and discovery. The pandemic hit and all practice went virtual. It is nice to practice at home without the pressure of being around others.
Practice with Kara. She is the most empathetic teacher I have known and she wants everyone to care for themselves through this healing practice."

Jack - New Mexico



"Kara has led me through meditations and yoga asanas. She also introduced and guided me through multiple yoga nidra sessions.

I have learned so much from her throughout the process. She taught me about the benefits behind the practice and discussed the different states emotionally and physically I may experience.

She’s a very intuitive teacher and emotional guide. I’ve learned and grown from her and am looking forward to practicing more yoga together!"

- Kelly

Nurse Practitioner in Anchorage, AK

Where Yoga Meets Science & Psychology


Thrive includes educational workshops, tutorials, and instruction on how yoga is related to science. I love to share knowledge about the brain, body, & nervous system, especially its connection to mental health.


I share the importance of research & evidence based practices to improve your daily life. If you're a practitioner or teacher interested in how to incorporate mental health aware yoga into your teachings then Thrive is for you too!

Thrive Membership Doors Close On

Thrive only opens a few times a year! This is the ONLY time I am offering a super special discount on a lifetime membership! Sign up before the doors close.









What Does Thrive Include?


  • Access to live weekly classes such as Yin, Slow Vinyasa, Gentle, & Healing Chair Yoga

  • Access to live weekly class recordings for 30 days

  • On demand library with TONS of yoga, meditations, & tutorials for all levels

  • Connect with a supportive wellness community around the world

  • Weekly check in and accountability with a 15-20 minute practice recording to keep you on track.

  • Monthly educational workshops & mini lectures (Over $50 value)

  • Special live relaxation sessions to overcome stress with restore & yoga nidra



Overcome Anxiety & Stress with Gentle Yoga

Mini Course - $50 Value


When you sign up as a founding member of Thrive you receive an extra bonus mini course!

In the course you have unlimited access to three gentle yoga classes, yoga nidra recording, & a meditation specifically to release anxiety.

It's a great way to unwind from work and daily stressors.


First Option on Nourish in Nature's Alaskan Yoga Wellness Retreats


You receive PRIORITY to book your spot on one of the extremely popular Alaskan yoga wellness retreats hosted by Nourish in Nature.

We host at unique locations in Seward, Homer, and across the state of Alaska. Includes acupuncture, gentle yoga, Ayurveda, delicious meals, & nourishing relaxation.

Spots fill up quickly & you get first priority!

Become a Founding Member of Thrive for ONLY $27 Per Month!

The doors to the Thrive Membership only open a few times a year.

Become a founding member for the super affordable price of $27 per month as long as you stay a member!

Make sure to join the waitlist to be the first to know when Thrive launches.

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What Students Are Saying:


"Kara's classes are a treat for mind and body!

Kara takes a uniquely Alaskan approach to the practice of yoga, incorporating the challenges and opportunities of living in the 49th state into the design of her postures and meditations.  She invites you to dive deeper into a better understanding of the changing seasons within and all around us.

As a physician, I see the toll that emotional stress and trauma takes on the body and the immune system.  Kara works with her students to recognize, integrate and heal the mind-body connection that is so important for overall health and well-being.

I recommend her online studio and in person classes and retreats to anyone looking to heal, rejuvenate and restore."


Physician in Anchorage, AK

"Kara is a wonderful yoga teacher. I thoroughly enjoyed our sessions together where she literally taught me how to breath. I learned so much and as a bonus, I got stronger and more flexible.

I also learned you don’t have to be a human rubber band to enjoy yoga. Kara has the skills and compassion that makes for a great teacher and her passion for yoga is contagious!"

- Stacey 

Business Owner in Seward, AK 

Why is Thrive right for you?


What would it look like for you to do the things you love with ease? How would it feel to enjoy healthy movement throughout all stages of life?

I created this membership for people like you to discover your fullest potential.

I offer valuable knowledge, years of experience, and personalization that brings connection & consistency.

Thrive is about stepping up and changing the face of yoga to make classes safe, nourishing, & transformative for all students, including those with mental health challenges. 


Thrive Founding Member


Special price available ONLY May 17th - 24th!

  • Live weekly yoga classes
  • Recordings of all live weekly classes available for 30 days
  • Educational workshops on the science of yoga & meditation
  • Special relaxation sessions like restore & yoga nidra
  • On Demand library with TONS of yoga, meditation, & tutorials for all levels
  • Weekly accountability check in with mini video to keep you on track
  • Connection with a wellness community
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Founding Members receive the super affordable price of $27/month!


Only Available to Register May 17th - 24th!


This membership plus bonuses values at over $250 but as a founding member I am offering you the lowest possible price of only $27 per month.


I want your help in building the foundation of this unique membership & evolve with it.

After the membership closes for registration on May 24th the price will go up and you will not be able to join until the next public launch date.

You will want to register NOW so you don't miss this unique discount offer!!!

Thrive Membership Doors Close On

Thrive only opens a few times a year! This is the ONLY time I am offering a super special price of $27/month for as long as you are a member. Join now before the doors close.









Become a Founding Member of Thrive for ONLY $27 Per Month!

The doors to the Thrive Membership only open a few times a year.

Become a founding member for the super affordable price of $27 per month as long as you stay a member!

Make sure to join the waitlist to be the first to know when Thrive launches.

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