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Thrive with Kara Alaskan Yogi

Hi, I'm Kara.

I help students overcome anxiety & thrive with trauma informed & mental health aware yoga.

Yoga that is gentle, kind, & loving.

Let's get started

Yoga That Accepts You As You Are

I'm so happy you found your way here. Yoga means union. It is so much more than just a physical practice. It also directly impacts your mental and emotional health. If you can breathe, you can do yoga. The practice has transformed my life in ways I never thought possible. It is my passion to share this healing practice with you. Inclusive, easy to follow classes with concise & loving instruction.

Thrive with an Online Yoga Community!

THRIVE includes TONS of live yoga, workshops, recorded classes, & special relaxation sessions targeted to release stress & inspire you. The membership is designed for students who are looking to create a life they love through mindful movement, connection, & education. (aka: YOU!)



Alaskan Yoga Wellness Retreats

Join myself & Dr. Christie Wisel for an exclusive yoga wellness retreat at Salted Roots Cabins in Seward Alaska. Nourish yourself with acupuncture, Ayurveda, gentle yoga, meditation, & seasonal meals. It is a lasting experience at one of the most unique cabins in Alaska!

October 2021

Learn more here!

My mission?

Inspire students to wake up each new day with vitality, joy, and ease. Whether you've never stepped on a mat before or you are an advanced practitioner, there is space for you here.

The first step is showing up just as you are.


Yoga that supports your body & brain.

Yoga that makes you feel capable, balanced, & strong.

It's time you discover how truly capable you are.



A gift for you to start receiving relief from anxiety & depression today. Download it & practice anytime you need a break.

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Hello, I'm Kara! :)

I'm here to empower you to nourish your mental health and cultivate self-love & compassion. 

A little bit about me: I'm a yoga teacher, traveler, author, mental health advocate, and inspirational leader. I am obsessed with my tiny 5 pound cat Duchess, in love with all things Alaska, hiking, and exploring the natural beauty of this enchanting place.

I am happiest when I am immersed in Mother Nature & creating global connections. I love my seaside home Seward.

My experience of yoga isn't just about poses or shapes. It is the mindful, somatic movement of daily life, the experience of breath, & coming home to yourself.

Learn more about me here!

"I’ve practiced with Kara for the last three years. She’s an amazing teacher. Slow and gentle when I need, but also encouraging and pushes me when she knows I can do more. I had never heard of yoga nidra before. She led me through and opened my eyes to a wonderful practice.

Her zoom classes have made it possible to continuing practice through distance and corona virus. She’s a gentle spirit and is truly living the life she believes in. Following her passion. Her workshops are informative and inspirational. I’m so thankful she came into my life."

Margie - 67
Retired Nurse

"Kara's yoga classes are fantastic and I recommend them to my friends and family. Kara was born to be a yoga instructor, her teaching seems to flow from the root of her personality. She is particularly good at showing how yoga and meditation are tools to help process past trauma.

Her openness about her own experiences with trauma, mental health, and depression helped me to better understand and process my own personal experiences. As far as I can tell, it's not about the yoga. It's about using yoga to untangle those things we all struggle with as human beings."

David - 33
HVAC Mechanic

"I had the opportunity to take one of Kara's virtual classes, and it was a wonderful experience. She is kind, gentle, and encouraging. She is also real and raw and vulnerable. Her instructions are clear and easy to follow. I highly recommend working with her on your yoga journey, whether you are advanced or a beginner. Can't wait to practice with her more. Thank you, Kara! ❤"

Laura - 32
Writer & Yoga Teacher

Become Part of the THRIVE Yoga Community!

Now more than ever, we need to come together as a community and support each other. Our world is experiencing collective trauma & we are living in constant anxiety.

We have the power to thrive together & use yoga as a means to improve mental calmness, ease pain, & create abundance.

THRIVE offers
* Weekly live yoga classes
* On demand library of yoga & meditation classes.
* Educational workshops
* Special Relaxation Sessions with Restore & Yoga Nidra
* Unlimited access to ALL recordings
* Community & connection

All classes are trauma informed & mental health aware.


Learn with the Online Blog

Discover short, educational videos & words covering the science of yoga & meditation. Includes tutorials, helpful practices, and posts about stress relief, emotional balance, & improved quality of life.



A gift for you to start receiving relief from anxiety & depression today. Download it & practice anytime you need a break.

You will also be subscribed to my email. You can unsubscribe anytime.


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