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Hi, I'm Kara.


I'll show you how to overcome anxiety & thrive with trauma informed & mental health aware yoga.


Yoga that is gentle, loving, and kind.



My Mission?

Share how yoga goes beyond the physical poses to be fully transformational & therapeutic for the body & brain.

It's time you discover how truly capable you are.

Alaskan Yoga Wellness Retreats with Nourish in Nature

Join myself & Dr. Christie Wisel for an exclusive yoga wellness retreat at a remote chalet outside of Homer. This unique location provides a fusion of Alaskan wilderness with exquisite comfort.

Gentle yoga, soothing acupuncture, self-compassion workshop, and Ayurvedic inspired meals make for a nourishing weekend of rest & rejuvenation.

August 27 - 29th 2021

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Yoga that accepts you as you are with compassion & resiliency.




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Yin yoga

This class offers a mix of simple yoga poses and guided meditation to help you in a balanced way.


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Slow Vinyasa Flow

Slow flow is a moving meditation, making it a great way to explore body and mind connection. 


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Nice to meet you!

Hi! I'm Kara, I'm based in Seward, Alaska.


I'm an experienced yoga teacher here to inspire you to nourish your mental health with therapeutic yoga so you can thrive and live a life you love.


My experience of yoga isn't just about poses or shapes. It is the mindful, somatic movement of daily life, the experience of breath, & coming home to yourself.


More about me

What students are saying:

Marjorie - Retired Nurse Seward, AK


"I’ve practiced with Kara for the last four years.
She’s an amazing teacher. Slow and gentle when I need, but also encouraging and pushes me when she knows I can do more.

I had never heard of yoga nidra before. She led me through and opened my eyes to a wonderful practice. Her zoom classes have made it possible to continuing practice through distance and corona virus.

She’s a gentle spirit and is truly living the life she believes in. Following her passion. Her workshops are informative and inspirational. I’m so thankful she came into my life."

Sarah - Physician

Anchorage, AK


"Kara's classes are a treat for mind and body!

Kara takes a uniquely Alaskan approach to the practice of yoga, incorporating the challenges and opportunities of living in the 49th state into the design of her postures and meditations.  She invites you to dive deeper into a better understanding of the changing seasons within and all around us.

As a physician, I see the toll that emotional stress and trauma takes on the body and the immune system.  Kara works with her students to recognize, integrate and heal the mind-body connection that is so important for overall health and well-being.

I recommend her online studio and in person classes and retreats to anyone looking to heal, rejuvenate and restore."

David - HVAC Mechanic Anchorage, AK


"Kara's yoga classes are fantastic and I recommend them to my friends and family. Kara was born to be a yoga instructor, her teaching seems to flow from the root of her personality. She is particularly good at showing how yoga and meditation are tools to help process past trauma.

Her openness about her own experiences with trauma, mental health, and depression helped me to better understand and process my own personal experiences.

As far as I can tell, it's not about the yoga. It's about using yoga to untangle those things we all struggle with as human beings.


A yoga practice your body will love.

Real people, real results.



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