She Will Rise

She Will Rise is Kara’s first collection of poetry

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May 13-15, 2019

Nourish In Nature is an Ayurveda-inspired retreat, combining elements of yoga, cuisine, hiking, and kayaking into a community experience of inner and outer exploration. This Alaskan adventure offers the complete itinerary for you to truly nourish in nature. For those seeking innate inspiration and a remote sanctuary, join us on this opportunity to rest and rejuvenate.

she will rise


Kara’s long-awaited first published collection of poetry, She Will Rise, was released February 3rd 2019. It is the experience of depression, grief, heartbreak, healing, and love. It is an inspiring collection divided into two chapters. She takes people on a journey from the darkest moments in life into a warm and radiant sense of healing. It is a book of honesty and reveals that true healing can only come from within.


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