Overcome Anxiety with Gentle Yoga Mini Course

If you ever feel overwhelmed with exhaustion, anxiety, or stress then you'll want access to this free mini course!

Gentle yoga allows you to move past the thinking brain into a space of relaxation and ease.

Start feeling better today!

✅ Courage & confidence

✅ Emotional resiliency

✅ Cultivate self-compassion

✅ Self-regulation tools to manage stressful events or emotions

✅ Gain strength, flexibility, & mobility

✅ Mindfulness & breath awareness


What does this course include?

A variety of five pre-recorded classes:

✅ Restorative yoga for anxiety

✅ Gentle flow for anxiety

✅ Yin yoga for anxiety

✅ Yoga Nidra

✅ Mindfulness meditation for breath


This course will teach you postures, meditation, and breath practices you can do anytime.

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