Foundations of Trauma-Informed Yoga Workshop

A transformational learning experience to move, explore, rest, and integrate compassionate practices.

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About the workshop:


The future is trauma-informed.

Have you been wanting to learn more about trauma-informed yoga and experience it for yourself? Join us for this introductory dive into what trauma is, how it impacts the body, how it may show up in a yoga practice, and ways to integrate a trauma-informed approach.

This educational workshop will provide participants with tools to cultivate a safe, compassionate, and empowering space for survivors of trauma.

We will cover the foundations of trauma-informed care and therapeutic yoga techniques such as postures, breath work, mindfulness, and meditation. It will also include an in-depth understanding of the nervous system, the vagus nerve, and self-regulation techniques. 

Dates and Times for in person:

December 2nd and 3rd

11am - 2pm AKDT


In person at Open Space

630 E 57th Pl, Anchorage, AK 99518


Sliding Scale $97 - $147 

5 CEU given to yoga teachers upon completion of workshop.


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Who is this workshop for?


This workshop is suitable for anyone looking to broaden their understanding of trauma-informed care and confidently hold space that honors the lived experiences of others and resist harm. It may also be suitable for trauma survivors seeking practices to reconnect with their mind, body, and spirit. No previous certification is required. All are welcome. 

Yoga students 

Yoga teachers 

Mental health professionals 

Health care professionals 

Body workers (e.g Massage Therapists, Physical Therapists, etc) 



Anyone interested in teaching from a trauma-informed lens 


You deserve a space where you feel seen, safe, and empowered.

What will you receive?


  • Trauma-informed yoga resource guidebook
  • Evidence-based research in support of trauma-informed yoga practices 
  • Introduction into the neurophysiology of trauma and the Polyvagal Nerve Theory 
  • An overview of trauma-informed care including safety, choice, and consent 
  • Introduction to therapeutic yoga practices such as postures, breath work, and meditation 
  • How to integrate trauma-informed yoga into the scope of your work
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Trauma-informed yoga is not a treatment or buzzword.


It is an evidence-based approach that cultivates safe and compassionate spaces.

Workshop Outline:

Day 1


What is trauma?

Evidence-based research

Core components of trauma-informed care 

Safety, choice, and consent 

The brain and the nervous system

Neurophysiology of trauma  


Day 2


Therapeutic yoga techniques  

Mindfulness, meditation, and breathwork

Ways to make yoga accessible and inclusive 

Invitational language

Integrating trauma-informed yoga into your practice

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About the facilitator

Hi, I'm Kara.

I'm an experienced trauma-informed yoga teacher, educator, and advocate based in Alaska. I am also currently training as an Ayurvedic yoga therapist focused in trauma recovery.

My experience of yoga isn't just about poses. 

It is the mindful, somatic movement of daily life, the experience of breath, connection to nature, and coming home to yourself. 

I have experience hosting trauma-informed yoga retreats in Seward and working with survivors of domestic abuse and sexual assault.

I love to hold inclusive and accessible space that honors the unique lived experiences of each person.

E-RYT 500, YACEP, Certified in Mental Health Aware Yoga, Certified in Trauma-Informed Yoga

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Email [email protected] with any questions you have!