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Gentle Breath Work for Reducing Anxiety


Did you know there is a science to how we breathe?

Yoga is more than stretching or exercise and the breath is a key foundation to the overall practice. When we learn to regulate the breath we are able to better self-regulate our nervous system and emotional responses. 

It is important to know that inhale activates the sympathetic nervous system response. It is heating, solar, and energetic. The exhale activates the parasympathetic nervous system and it is known to be cooling, relaxing, yet can also be strong. 

When we experience anxiety we learn to self-regulate our response by noticing our breath. You might realize that you are breathing in the upper chest or possibly in another area. Without trying to change anything - notice it as it is. 

When you feel comfortable doing so try to match the count of your inhale to the count of your exhale. This is a balanced breath called sama vritti. You might breathe in for the count of four and exhale four. 

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